Unique Nurses Registry (UNR) has been in the nursing industry since 2001. Since being a part of this evolving field of healthcare, UNR has earned the reputation of being one of the most qualified nurse agencies in NYC. Our excellent staff of well-trained, highly experienced nurses are ready to serve our client schools whenever needed. They are service professionals capable of filling and completing service to any school needing coverage. Additionally, the staff is on standby every day to help with any needs that may arise at any given time.

The commitment UNR has made to excellence in the service we have always given our schools is reflected in our staff. Our mission is to provide our clients with the utmost sincerity, integrity, and respect much like our nurses provide their students. We believe a professional environment can only be attained through a professional mindset and attitude.

UNR is committed to giving the best opportunities for career growth and a flexible work schedule that caters to different lifestyles and needs. Because we take our employees’ well-being very seriously, we are able to maintain a consistent base with our client schools and our nurses.